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Tanning Cab

We have a fabulous stand up tanning cab here at Bijou. It is re tubed and maintained regularly to ensure you are getting your best glow on!!

Our cab is in a secure, private room in the salon which has a chair, table and air con in so you will have a comfortable session. 

We offer sessions in 3 minute bundles. If you are a tanning newbie, we recommend starting on 3 minutes and working your way up to what you are comfortable with. You can open the door and step out of the cab at any point! 


3 minutes - £3

6 minutes - £6

9 minutes - £9

12 minutes - £12

15 minutes - £15

30 minute bundle - £12

Bundles must be used within 2 months of purchase date.

Sachet of cream - £2 each

Bottle of cream - Between £15-20

Eye covers - £1

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